The Canadian Human Rights Voice is proud to announce that we have begun a new campaign to combat sex trafficking.

People Against Sex Trafficking (P.A.S.T)

Sex trafficking is a global problem to which no country, or indeed neighbourhood, is immune. It can be pervasive, yet at the same time it can be completely invisible. Sex trafficking could be happening right next door, and you might never know.

P.A.S.T’s campaign to raise awareness of sex trafficking in Toronto and the GTA has been established to complement the work being done by UNODC’s Blue Heart Campaign, which aims to raise global awareness of the plight of trafficked persons, by raising awareness of the issue much closer to home, in familiar streets and neighbourhoods.

Our Vision

To participate in creating a global society free from all forms of human trafficking and to become a leader in encouraging others to raise awareness of sexual violence and trafficking in their local areas.

Our Mission

To acknowledge that the sexual trafficking of persons can happen to a person of any age, gender or orientation and to provide people affected by trafficking with the tools to help them regain their freedom and dignity and additionally to empower society more generally to recognize the signs that sexual trafficking of persons may be occurring and to engage in preventative mechanisms through advocacy and education.

Our Goals and Objectives

The Campaign itself has clear, strategic objectives aimed at ending the sexual trafficking of persons through direct action in an emergency and more general education and awareness raising activities such as:

 Community outreach initiatives

 National awareness raising activities

 The provision of educational seminars to elected officials, students and members of the hotel industry

 Collaboration with various other organizations across the province

 The provision of victim support, such as old cell phones so victims can contact 911, counselling, donations, educational aid, activities aimed at raising self-esteem and assistance in securing employment and shelter.

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Contact us at if you are interested in joining the fight against sex trafficking!