Why Are Human Rights Important For CHRV?

Through CHRV we believe that everyone has the right to basic fundamental rights and anyone who is deprived of that, needs a voice. Internationally there have been many violations that must be addressed, and there needs to be a universal framework that needs to be used to address these issues. CHRV believes that by using current legal, political and historical frameworks, a solution can be found to help those whose rights have been violated.

How Does The CHRV’s Work Contribute To The Realization Of Human Rights?

CHRV contributes in the promotion of human rights in different areas, through educating the Canadian public about ongoing issues with regards to human rights violations. Also, by creating a means for the people to actively interact with politicians within Canada to bring forth some kind of deliberation or change within governments of other countries. Also, CHRV is helping to promote justice reforms within countries, and also to ensure that the people are taken care of by their governing bodies and are not denied fundamental rights and freedoms that they are entitled to.

What Is The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights?

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a Statement of human rights principles that was adopted by the United Nations on December 10, 1948. It says that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and in rights”, and covers a wide range of different types of rights, including political rights, legal rights, equality rights and economic rights”

– United Nations