The Canadian Human Rights Voice is an organization that is committed to promote, educate, defend and voice human rights violations. CHRV prides itself in standing up and giving voice to the voiceless. It is composed of committed individuals who share a passion for protecting the liberties of all non combatant civilians from around the world.

CHRV believes it is essential that we stage a multi-pronged approach to educating decision makers and lay persons so as to bring about productive outcomes and seek justice in respect to the civilian lives. CHRV has begun several projects in coordination with various other organizations and human rights agencies. Through responsibly engaging these assignments we hope to meet our Mission.


 To promote the universal declaration of human rights and other international human rights instruments throughout the world.

 To provide a unified voice around the world to stop the abuse of human rights.

 To promote all the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that is recognized under international laws and conventions.

 To advocate implementation of international human rights laws in non-international armed conflicts around the world.