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The Canadian Human Rights Voice condemns today’s violence in Ottawa and offer our support and condolences to those who have been affected and their families.

Information about what is happening is still unclear, but we are saddened to learn that a soldier has died.

Extreme violence and death in the world have been our group’s concerns too often, unfortunately, and usually, internationally.  Therefore, today’s violence in Ottawa is a shocking surprise.

The members of  CHRV “believe that everyone has the right to basic fundamental rights and anyone who is deprived of that, needs a voice.”  (CHRV mission)

An M.P. said quickly that “Canada will not be terrorized or intimidated”, but we caution immediately against any snap conclusions about this lamentable violence.

A killing is sad, but it’s not necessarily “terror”.  Therefore, we caution authorities, as we do usually in other countries, not to over-react here in Canada too.

School Improvement Essay We believe that it is vital to heed everyone’s human rights, while police determine what action is necessary to protect people.

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Our authorities need take precautions to remain safe but must also, need to remember the importance of everyone’s human rights.

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