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On Tuesday, December 16th, 2014, six members of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (Pakistani Taliban) stormed into an elite Pakistani army high school and murdered nearly 130 people – mostly children, and wounding 122 people.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Canada was “sickened” to hear about the Taliban’s “cowardly” school shooting in northern Pakistan. “Canada unequivocally condemns this heinous act,” Mr. Baird said in a statement “There is no more cowardly act than attacking innocent children, and nothing more sinister than brutally murdering them while at school.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent out a tweet stating “Canada stands with the people of Pakistan in the wake of this horrific act of violence against children whose only crime was going to school.”

In his statement, Official Opposition leader Hon. Tom Mulcair said “Our hearts go out to the people of Pakistan and to the Pakistani community here in Canada in the wake of today’s shocking attack on a school in Peshawar.” “As we grieve the loss of these innocent lives, we are reminded that education is a powerful threat to extremism everywhere.”

Liberal Leader Hon. Justin Trudeau tweeted his thoughts by saying “Heart-wrenching targeting of school children in #PeshawarAttack. All Canadians condemn such horrific violence.”

The Canadian Human Rights Voice condemns this cowardly act of terrorism, and offer our support and condolences to those who have been affected and their families.We commend the Government of Canada and the opposition parties for a fitting response to this reprehensible attack.

The guiding principle of CHRV is an abiding belief that violence is not the answer to human injustice. At the end of the day, it is only through mutual respect and by applying the principles of human reconciliation,- honesty, integrity and trust, that lasting conflict can be avoided.

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